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well… i got tagged by arstan-sadheddilik… and i’m bored, “with some free time” so, let’s do this thing…

Name: Francisco.
Birthday: 20th (Century Fox) of February
Favorite colour: Blue
Lucky number: err… Maybe 20?
Height: 1,75 [m]
Talents: I’m a very good Procrastinator…
Last dream you remember: I was with 3 of my friends in the subway… going under the “Torre Enter” (but it looked like the Torre Eiffel..), and i touched the Tower… and then it colapsed… ._.u
Can you juggle: Nah
Art/sports/both: I like them both… i just like them…
Do you like writing: just a little bit,
Do you like dancing: Yeah, a little.. but i’m terrible…
Do you like singing: A lot!… but again ,i’m terrible at this,

Dream vacation: Somewhere cold… with one or more friends… (like Canada, Germany or Norway)
Dream guy/gal: Someone who can make me smile. Other things are variable.
Dream wedding: Quoting @arstan-sadheddilik: “Preferably not mine, and with food”
Dream pet: Cats, Dogs, Antlers and an Owl!
Dream job: Procrastination is a job?… ok, making a VideoGame… Programming,
Favorite song: 
- Girl’s Generation - Genie
- Within Temptation - Somewhere
Favorite album: Within Temptation - The Unforgiving
Last song you heard on the radio: Can’t remember.. I only know that i was hearing 88.9 FM.
Least favorite song: <Insert a Reggaeton song here>
Least favorite album: <Insert a Reggaeton Album here>
Least favorite artist: <Insert a Reggaeton Artist here>

Guys/girls/both: Guys/ (and a very small range of Girls)
Hair color: Black/Brown/Red
Eye color: Yes.
Humorous/serious: Humorous
Taller/shorter: Yes
Biggest turn-off: A Very Girly Man…
Biggest turn-on: Tenderness…

Well, now i call quilavaflare, reinoreinoso, sedran, deibidelmal & boy-of-silence to do this… if they want to…

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